AFRAND Fanavar has broad technical and commercial activities in electrical engineering fields, particularly in electrical switchboards and switchyards.


Thanks to our long experience of our skillful technical staff in the above-mentioned fields, we have worthy connections in Iranian private and public establishments of transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as good relations with Iranian substation contractors and almost all cubicle manufacturers in the country.


AFRAND Fanavar has recently started its activities in the field of EPC (turn key) contracts for high voltage substations since mid 2005. We got the relevant approval from Tavanir on Nov. 2005 and have been awarded the first project on Feb. 2006.


A good knowledge about Iranian market, as well as good and efficient relations with all Iranian substation contractors and panel builders, enables us to introduce any product in the field of control, measuring and protection to this market.


For the time being AFRAND Fanavar works with several eminent foreign (mostly West European) companies in electrical fields and offers electrical equipment and/or packages to Iranian customers.


Our main fields of activity are:



    Design and Supply systems and equipment relevant to:




For more details please have a look at our product range.